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Change is Stressful

Dust that has settled when being disrupted and wafting about the air causes many of us discomfort as we sneeze and hack and scratch at our irritated eyes. Why do we have to change? Why do I have to work with this person now? God, I was very comfortable and doing so great with the way things were before. So why are you disrupting my life now?

It doesn’t take long to get over change, however. Really, it can be more annoying than anything else - unlike other changes in our lives that we would probably all agree are automatically "good" things: a new job, getting married, having a baby, etc. Yet, even these types of changes can bring about stress as well as our worlds take on new landscapes.

At the other end of the spectrum, other life changes can be extremely painful for us. Death, moving far away, loss of employment, divorce, disease. Lord, how can this possibly be good? It hurts so much. Why would you purpose this for me? What did I do wrong? In hindsight, I can see how God has caused all types of changes in our life to effect growth and open doors to new opportunities. Sometimes the changes pain us beyond measure and other times they just kept us awake at night with nervous excitement. But through it all, there is beauty that results and the Lord helps us to give him the glory and the strength to make it through all circumstances (Phil. 4.11-3).

Wherever you are today, I'm ninety-nine percent sure that you are going through some sort of change in your life right now. We are too. You may be very cognizant of it and may hurt like the dickens. Or the change may be so slow-going and so subtle, that you may not even know you are undergoing it. But whatever it may be, what is most important is how you and I respond to what God is doing in our lives.

Resolve to take Jesus' yoke upon yourself. Give the change you're undergoing to him. As we seek him, he will be with us. He may not give us the answers we're looking for or resolve our situations right away. But rest assured, he will surely undergird us and give us strength and joy as we go through whatever change he has ordained in our lives.

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