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Mom's the Word

Spelled forwards or backwards, there's no mistaking the word mom. We all know what it stands for. Turned upside down, it also reads wow. Now that I'm old enough to understand everything that my mom did. All I can say is "Wow!"

I also think of the word instruction when I think of my mom. I probably didn't like it at the time as I always seemed to have my own agenda. But years later, I greatly appreciate the words of instruction that were given to me. My mom's words included, but were not limited to:

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. When in doubt, don't. Chew with your mouth closed. Because I said so. Do your best. Did you wash your hands? Try it. You might like it. Make sure you go to a church that preaches Acts 2:38. Now what did Mommy say?

I continue to hear these words of instruction in my head as an adult. They're part of my mom's imprint on my life. They impart lessons of kindness, perspective, right and wrong, responsibility, attentiveness and obedience. I continue to heed these words and impart them to my children and grandchildren.

You may not have always agreed with the instruction imparted to you over the years. But I hope that you are cherishing the treasures given to you by your mother or anyone who has filled this role in your upbringing.

My mother sowed seeds into my life. She consistently worked my strong-willed soil. Undeterred, she kept coming back and doing her part to ensure that good things were planted into my life. She added to my heart and to my mind, so that these instructions would hopefully take root and one day bring forth spiritual fruit.

I'm a mother and grandmother and I've done my fair share of babysitting and taking care of children and learned that to "train up a child in the way he should go" takes patience. Sacrifice. And most of all, a great love. Thank God for your mother today.

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