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The Gift Of Praise

"They are to stand every morning to thank and to praise the LORD, and likewise at evening."

- 1 Chronicles 23:30

The greatest gift we could ever offer to God is the gift of praise. Every morning as we rise, the hope of Heaven is that we will stand to give praise to God before we do anything else. And when the evening comes, we are to go down praising just as we went up praising! When we start our day this way, we will find ourselves standing in praise all the day long. God wants a sunrise and a sunset of praise from His children. Beginning to end, we are to praise our Heavenly Father. It gives Him the glory and the attention of our heart. This is one way that we express our love for God in action. Praise is an action and love is to be active. There is not a greater expression of love than to publicly and audibly give adoration for the one you love. What an honor to speak highly of your love before the presence of others. God loves our praise in private but He receives honor when we praise Him publicly. May we pray this prayer today offering up all of our praise to Him.

Jesus. I confess that You are worthy of my praise, my loyalty, love and service. I declare my love for You today unashamedly. I admit my many faults and failures to You asking for Your forgiveness. Cause all things, past, present and future to work together for my good and for Your glory. Take my life in Your hands and do great things for Your Kingdom. Change me O God and make me more like You today than I was yesterday.

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