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The Healing Power of Confession

“Before I confessed my sins, my bones felt limp, and I groaned all day long”

– Psalm 32:3

Swallowing your sin can have disastrous results. One of the healthiest choices you can make is to receive the forgiveness of God. Many people are carrying around a garbage sack of sin. Carrying around that sack won’t just make you ineffective for serving Jesus; it’ll ruin your health, too. The Bible teaches in Psalm 32:3-5, “Before I confessed my sins, my bones felt limp, and I groaned all day long. Night and day your hand weighed heavily on me, and my strength was gone as in the summer heat. So, I confessed my sins and told them all to you. I said, ‘I’ll tell the Lord each one of my sins.’ Then you forgave me and took away my guilt.”

The feelings we can have of being physically “weighed down” by guilt are real. God has given us a fool-proof method for relief from those soul and body-destroying feelings of guilt: repentance. How do you repent?

1. Make a moral inventory. Psalm 138:23-24 says, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test my thoughts. In other words, you start by grabbing a pencil and paper and asking God to bring to mind your sin. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Be specific. Write them down, knowing you will be the only one to see this list. You can tear it up after you’ve finished.

2. Accept the blame. The greatest holdup to healing is you. Don’t rationalize your sin. Don’t minimize it. You may not be 100 percent to blame, but accept the part that’s yours.

3. Ask for forgiveness. Believe that God will forgive you. Ask him to forgive you based on what he promises in the Bible (1 John 1:9). Don’t beg. Don’t bargain. Just believe that God will forgive you. Don’t put yourself at risk of spiritual heart disease. God wants to use you. Come clean about your sin. Get a fresh start. Then see what God can do through you.

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