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'My little daughter is at death's door. Come and lay Your hands on her so she can get well and live.’

– Mark 5:21-23

We don’t know a lot about Jarius’ daughter. We know she was young, about 12 years old. We know her father was a ruler in the synagogue and he grieved at the thought of losing his daughter. Here’s what else we know: her father’s faith led him to Jesus, the only One with the ability to save his daughter.

Jesus went, stopping along the way to minister to a woman who had been bleeding for 12 long years. While Jesus was tending to this woman a man from Jarius’ household came to tell him Jesus not to bother--the child was already dead. But Jesus went anyway. And though she was already dead, Jesus went to the little girl and said one thing: “Get up.” (Mark 5:41) And she did.

Is He calling you to do the same today? Hear this: it doesn’t matter who you were before He told you to get up. The new basis of her identity was this: she was dead and Jesus brought her back to life. If you believe in Him, that’s your story too.

Last year, last week, even what you did last night does not define you. Your sin, your shame, your accolades, your family name--none of these details matter. You are everything you are because he brought you back. You are everything you are because you are loved. You are everything you are because you’ve been made alive. No sin in your life is beyond the power of Christ’s forgiveness, and no brokenness is beyond the reach of His healing, restoring touch. It’s time to get up. Arise.

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