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Don't Let the Busyness of the Season Crowd Out What's Most Important

– Matthew 6:33

Just a week before Christmas, maybe life seems kind of full and busy. Maybe you haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet. Or that special gift you’ve been looking for is officially out of stock, or costs too much money. Maybe the decorations never got fully done, or the lights are already burning out. Maybe the Christmas cards are still waiting to be mailed. And the to-do list is steadily growing day by day. Maybe life is feeling frazzled and time always seems too finish it all. But truth says, maybe what we spend so much time focusing on, really isn’t the most important.

Here’s what is: Spending time first with the God who made you, who loves you, and died to be the Savior of the world.

For Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42, times were busy. There was much to be done, and Martha was “distracted by it all.” Yet in the midst of all the “busy,” Mary set herself right down at Jesus' feet. She seemed unaffected by all the pressing needs around her, she just longed to spend time with Him.

So often in this time of year, the most important gets crowded out because of the urgent. It's a battle not to dwell there. We find ourselves weary and worn from spinning our wheels. Strength drained, impatient, stressed, pressed, out of control, and nothing much going our way.

Seek Him first. Sit at His feet, spend time in His Presence, soak in His words... That's where real peace is found, and strength for the days ahead. Not in getting it all done. But simply “choosing what is better.”

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