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The Effectiveness of God's Way

Exodus 3

We observed the ineffectiveness of Moses' attempt to liberate his people from Egyptian slavery, but today we see him given a second chance to do it God's way. If we could learn the lessons Moses learned abougt the dangers of self-reliance and the advantages of depending on the Lord, we would save ourselves much hardship.

When we choose to cooperate with God and submit to His way, He will do amazing things in and through us. Despite Moses' past failure, the Lord still used him to accomplish the divine plan, but only after he became humbled and broken of self-will. Consider what God achieved when Moses did it God's way.

  • He showed what great things He could do through one yielded, dependent person.

  • He got more done in less time, and with fewer resources. There was no insurrection or long, drawn-out war.

  • He proved the superiority of His way by freeing over two million people without the loss of a single Hebrew life.

  • He sen impoverished slaves out of bondage with their captor's riches (Ex. 3:21-22).

  • He proved to both the Israelites and the Egyptians that He alone is the God of heaven and earth. He received all the glory. Our past failures never prevent God's willingness or ability to use us. When we submit to the Lord's authority, we can experience His victory in whatever He calls us to do.

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